Friday, May 28, 2010

My Babies

Its amazing we took these pics in march and then girls already look so different! well that is lilli i guess with her new glasses and haircut! maybe one day ill upload some pics and then again maybe not im a little lazy!

Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas day at mimi's

my parents are to good to us on christmas we had a wonderful dinner and played with our toys its just really relaxing we show up at 1 eat and play all day! thanks mom and dad for a great day!

christmas morning

Santa brings balloons!

we stayed up for good hour and a half blowing balloons and finishing all the wrapping thinking the kids would love to ride one of the toys we got them into a pile of balloons that santa brought! we were so excited! chirstmas morning comes and lilli see's the balloons and her only response was " What a mess" she could not understand why santa would make such a mess!

More christmas eve

Casey was santa this year it was his first time he was a little nervouse but did fine! next year we are after nate! Josh won a sexy thong in the white elaphant this is him modeling it! to freaken funny! only josh:)

Christmas eve

I love me a good family party with tons of junk food! we were at aunt danae's for the christmas eve party! for my cousins that were not there you were greatly missed! christmas eve is our big night in the barrett family!:) Santa comes and gives the grankids gifts and we have a white elaphant game and eat all night long! the party starts at 5 and we get home around 11! i love christmas eve!

Thursday, April 9, 2009